About Nathalie

About Nathalie

One of my favorite things to do as a child was sitting with my brother and flip through the pages of our family photo albums. I loved seeing our history and how each of us had changed over the years. I interpreted each photo as a memory that otherwise might have been forgotten.

My childhood interest became a pursuit when I bought my first Nikon DSLR as a teenager. By my 22nd birthday, I had shot Southeastern rock climbing pioneer Kirk Brode on Infinite Pursuit at Tennessee Wall and sold my work to Dixie Cragger’s Atlas, along with photos I’d taken of other climbers at Southeast crags. Since then, my climbing photography has been published in Southeastern rock climbing guidebooks, including Chatt Steel, and I’ve photographed products for outdoor adventure brands, including Sierra Madre Research, Western Mountaineering, Recover Brands, and Watershed Drybags. I’m an outdoor adventurer myself: rock climber, backpacker, and former wilderness therapy guide. Photographing the people who play hard in the outdoors and the products that help them do it comes naturally.

I’m also a Chattanooga native. The city’s beauty—scenic vistas, mountains, rivers—is a huge part of my inspiration and love for photography as an art form. That inspiration has translated to other commercial work, as well: helping real estate companies like Berkshire Hathaway show properties in the best light, partnering with the Southeastern Tennessee Tourism Association so it can advertise all that Tennessee has to offer, capturing each candle scent through product photography for The Rustic House, highlighting the European Craft Beer Tour at Heaven & Ale Brewing Co. The art of photography keeps me focused on the visual splendor of my subject matter, no matter what it is.

– Nathalie DuPré

Photography shot for brands and companies:

  • Goodhew 
  • City Scope
  • Steep South
  • Trail Drops
  • Recover Brands
  • Sierra Madre Research
  • Western Mountaineering
  • Lems Shoes
  • Zpacks
  • Watershed Drybags
  • Spider Holsters
  • Parkway Poorhouse
  • Tremont Tavern
  • Haygood Farms
  • Perfect Plant Hemp Co.
  • Lolo Bars
  • Southeastern Tennessee Tourism Association
  • YMCA
  • Granite Warehouse
  • Majestic Stone
  • Good Guys Moving & Delivery
  • In His Hands Contractors
  • Heaven & Ale Brewing Co.
  • Naked River Brewing
  • SweetWater Brewing
  • Budweiser of Chattanooga
  • Keller Williams
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Chattanooga Property Brothers
  • The Rustic House

Books featuring my photography:

  • Chatt Steel
  • Chatt Trad
  • Dixie Cragger’s Atlas


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